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(Some questions)
(Interwikis bot)
Hi, I'm just starting to work with nah.wikipedia and since you're the temp admin, I have a few questions. I'd like to know if there's any central organizing commitee, or perhaps just an informal group of people working to create and make this work. I've worked for a lot of years with Indymedia, so I guess I'm looking for something similar. There doesn't seem to be much of a community here. How indepedent is nah.wikipedia from the central Wikipedia collective? I guess I can just go and check there, which I will, but maybe there's been some arrangement made before hand. Thanks a bunch, Chema. --[[User:Chema|chema mexicatl]] 11:44, 11 Tlamactlihuanonti 2005 (UTC)
== Interwikis bot ==
Hi Sj.
I have been running an interlanguage links bot (interwiki bot) in several Wikipedias, including this as user [[Usuario:Chlewbot|Chlewbot]]. The bot uses pywikipedia code, which I keep updated via CVS. Contributions can be seen [[Especial:Contributions/Chlewbot|here]].
If there are no objections, I am asking for bot status in [[meta:Requests for bot status#es:Usuario:Chlewbot|meta]]. Thank you.
— [[Usuario:|]] 00:18 25 Jan 2006 (UTC)
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