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(Yancuīc tlahtōltzintli: →‎Please rename this account)
I am a user from de.wikipedia and my account has already been renamed on de.wikipedia, en.wikipedia and es.wikipedia. At the moment I am trying to complete [[sulutil:Atlan da Gonozal|this list]] in order to be able to close the process of renaming my accounts. I have made one contribution to nah.wikipedia, which I would like to be attributed to my new account [[sulutil:Usquam]]. The confirmation of my account Usquam can be found here: [http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Benutzer:Usquam&diff=91464570&oldid=91000127]. Thank you very much in advance. Yours sincerely, --[[Tlatequitiltilīlli:Atlan da Gonozal|Atlan da Gonozal]] 20:55 20 Chicōn 2011 (UTC)
== Mohamed ElGedawy → محمد الجداوي ==
Hi, I want to change my name from: "Mohamed ElGedawy" to: "محمد الجداوي", Because i have changed my username on many wikipedias.--[[Tlatequitiltilīlli:Mohamed ElGedawy|Mohamed ElGedawy]] 07:25 14 chicuēyi 2011 (UTC)