"On a Day Like Today"
Keane cuīcatl
Xacaloax Tlamācuīlti 10, 2004
Grabado Helioscentric Studios
Tlactlini Andy Green
Hopes and Fears tracklist
"This Is the Last Time"
"On a Day Like Today"
"Untitled 1"

"On A Day Like Today" (inglatlahtolcopa "Cē tōnalpan quemeh āxcān") ītōca inic mahtlāctli cuīcatl īpan Hopes and Fears, achto yahualtzintli īpal inglatēcatl tlacuīcaliztli Keane. Cuīcatl cah huēyi occequīntīn Keane cuīcahuīc.


inglatlahtolcopa cuīcatlahtōl, tlazohtechcopa;

On a day like today I looked and I saw something in the way you stared into the sky: I saw you were sick and tired of my wrong turns. If you only knew the way I feel... I'd really love to tell you but I can never seem to say the things I needed to: I can't find the words to say and I don't know why...
Cē tōnalpan quēmeh āxcān ōnimitzittac auh ōnicttac iuh ōquittac in ilhuicatl... Nitlahzoa mitzihtoa tēl ahmo nihuelīti quihtoa in tlahtōl ic tlahtoa: ahmo nihuelīti niquinnēxti, auh ahmo nicmati yeh īca...