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*[ James Logan High School Mural: Concept of Zero] Quote: "...The Maya also had a symbol for zero that was even earlier than the Hindu place holder. It looks like a shell or football..."
*[ calendar-mayan] Qoute: "...What is the Tzolkin?...'''0. Ahau'''..."
*[http The Classic Maya Calendar and Day Numbering System] Quote: "...The Maya system uses only three symbols for zero (a shell-shaped glyph)..."
**[ Ciphers and Civilizations By Blair Moffett] Quote: "...The Hindus are also the only older people besides the Mayans who are known to have employed the concept of zero in their mathematics. In fact, our culture obtained the zero only because Arab scholars in Bagdad in the seventh century AD translated a Hindu text on astronomy and thus rediscovered the zero..."