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:::{{FlowMention|Liuxinyu970226}} What migration do you mean? [[Tlatequitiltilīlli:StevenJ81|StevenJ81]] ([[Tlatequitiltilīlli tēixnāmiquiliztli:StevenJ81|discusión]]) 14:30 31 Icmahtlacome m 2017 (UTC)
::::On the same page I saw "a LangCom member will open a separate RfC on the subject, which will be announced here" but where? --[[Tlatequitiltilīlli:Liuxinyu970226|Liuxinyu970226]] ([[Tlatequitiltilīlli tēixnāmiquiliztli:Liuxinyu970226|discusión]]) 14:34 31 Icmahtlacome m 2017 (UTC)
:::::Hi {{FlowMention|StevenJ81}} and {{FlowMention|Liuxinyu970226}}, I do not understand why someone is interested in closing it, if you know about a new request please tell me. Thanks [[Tlatequitiltilīlli:DARIO SEVERI|DARIO SEVERI]] ([[Tlatequitiltilīlli tēixnāmiquiliztli:DARIO SEVERI|discusión]]) 02:45 1 Cēn 2018 (UTC)
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