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Nochipa ikuak niknenemili in nitlatlakuiloa, niktlasolchiua in kauitl nikayekilua ken tsatsis sesen tlajtoli ikuak nochi sentetl yes. Apoualtikej kuitlatik imanin opanokej ikuak nikyukateyoliaya nitlajkuiloa san se tlajtoli, achto nitlamatis tlen onitlakau tlen onitlanekiya nitlajtoa.
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'''Welcome''' to my user page!
Pero satlatsonko ka nochipa se kuali tlamantli.
NipakiniYou nimitstlakixtiscan intlahave titlatlajkuilosa ipanquick look at the boxes, read my paragraphs below or simply jump to my [http://nahen.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tlatequitiltil%C4%ABlli_t%C4%93ixn%C4%81miquiliztliUser_talk:Fluence&action=edit&section=new noteixnamikilisasaniltalk page]; :)in any case I'll be delighted to answer any doubt, comment or complain you may leave there.
Oh, and I'm sorry, but I won't reply to any stupidity.
==Yolkamej uan kuaumej in ikualkayo==
==Akin nejuatl==
===[[Caxtillantlahtolli|Español]] (99%)===
El español es mi lengua nativa, la que hablo todos los días con mi familia y amigos y la que, junto con el inglés, está todo el tiempo a mi alrededor.
En mi opinión es un idioma extremadamente difícil. Hay demasiadas trampas e irregularidades en el camino, pero no quiero desanimar a nadie: se vuelve sencilla conociendo la gramática.
==About me==
===[[Inglatlahtolli|English]] (95%)===
I'm an honest being, and everything that follows is my only truth.<br>
I must have been really young when English was still a completely foreign affair for me.
I was born in [[Mexico City]], on the 13th of August, 1991. I've lived ever since in the forementioned city, and have no plans of leaving for the time being.
Many people believe otherwise, but English is actually one of the easiest languages mankind has ever come to know. Forget about complex verb conjugations or awkward declinations.
However, its ortography and grammar can play cruel tricks on the mild and the weak.
I finished high school in May 2009 without knowing what studies would I pursue in college, so I decided to take a time off; two gap years per say. Finding nothing else to do, I started learning as many languages as I could, following the reasons I explain below.<br>
===[[Portugallahtolli|Português]] (80%)===
This obsession would ultimately lead to my final decision, and on 8 August, 2011 I begin my studies in [[German studies|Germanistics]] at the [[National Autonomous University of Mexico]].
Acho que o português é uma língua muito legal e linda demás, especialmente falada com o sotaque brasileiro.
Conheci a língua portuguesa através das músicas de alguns cantautores brasileiros, como o [[Toquinho]] e o [[Roberto Carlos]] que minha mãe escutava na sua juventude e ainda quando eu era criança.
Contudo não comecei a minha aprendizagem da língua até 2009.
I usually describe myself as an intelligent and open-minded person; this means I'm not a racist, so if you belong to any "[[minority group|social minority]]" you can talk to me and receive a kind answer. I'm also willing to hear any kind of reasonable opinion, recommendation or idea that may help our world (or at least my user page) move forward.
Um dos problemas que já tive na minha aprendizagem é a semelhança entre a gramâtica portuguesa enquanto à espanhola. Embora é mais fácil aprender e compreender o português pra um hispanoparlante, às vezes é complicado determinar se uma palavra ou ainda um termo está escrito em espanhol ou em português.
"Egocentric", "jealous" and "childish" are all terms that define me, but after all, I believe I'm a good person. Also, most of social conventions baffle me and maybe that's why my friends think I'm an insane person. But I know they love me :D
Curto muitas bandas brasileiras de rock, como Leela, Brava, Moptop e Los Hermanos.
==I'm a polyglot==
===[[Teutontlahtolli|Deutsch]] (53%)===
I first discovered [[Wikipedia]] about the time I entered high school back in 2006. Besides my native [[Spanish language|Spanish]], I solely spoke a clumsy [[English language|English]]-like tongue I was not particularly proud of, but I tried to contribute anyway.<br>
Deutsch ist eine schöne besondere Sprache für mich. Die besonderste eigentlich. Ich erinnere mich nicht am Moment, in dem ich darin verliebt habe.
Only hours after my befuddled first encounter with further different language Wikipedias, I found [[Wikimedia]], and knew it indeed was a multilingual project, and soon found myself trying to learn Nahuatl, a beautiful Mexican indigenous tongue spoken before the time of the Spanish conquer (and yet up to now) and whose then blooming Wikipedia I happened to come across with. However, due to the lack of written resources to help me, I became disappointed seeing my slow progress and finally quit in order to improve my lousy English (at the end, it was the right thing to do).<br>
Wie klingt sie, wie sieht sie aus. Noch sagen viele Leute, dass sie eine der schwierigsten Sprachen der Welt ist, aber ich glaube es anders. Wenn man an Deutsch gewohnt werden hat, alles wird schön und hoffnungsvoll.
As I've said, beginning my post-high school gap three years later, I decided not only to retake my Nahuatl learning, but to learn new languages the same way I had tried to learn the first.<br>
Ich kann nicht die Menschen ausstehen, die sagen das Deutsch eine Nazisprache ist. Das ist einfach Kacke. Die Leute eines Landes oder eines Ortes müssen nicht über ihre Vergangenheit gerichtet werden.
But why would I want to learn so many languages? Well, the actual answer is, I realised most of the people around me spoke at least a third language other than English: French, German, Italian... But none of them spoke them altogether. I really needed something useful, something I would love to do and something to brag about, and I had found it.
Seit 2009 habe ich Deutsch lernen, mir selbst am Anfang. Ich habe auch seit November 2009 bis April 2011 einen Deutschkurs beim Goethe Institut genommen.
===Language learning===
Ab 8. August 2011 fange ich an der [[:de:Nationale Autonome Universität von Mexiko|Nationale Autonome Universität von Mexiko]] mein Studium nach Germanistik an.
My method for language learning is quite simple. It begins once I've selected my target language. First I look for songs lyrics, newspaper articles, Wikipedia entries or whatever available to fetch at least fifteen new words in the target language. I learn their meanings and then archive them on a data sheet, arranged by inclusion date. Then I review some of the words I had written days before and, finally, ensuring words and grammar have actually been understtod, I practise everything by translating random pieces of text from any other language into my target language. Words causing trouble are marked for future reference and that's it. One hour per language, five languages a day.
===[[Francitlahtolli|Français]] (51%)===
J'avais appris un peu de Français dans l'école, mais je l'ai oublié ensuite.
Je ne me souviens plus comment ou porquoi est-ce que j'ai voulu de le rapprendre, mais ça j'ai fait depuis deux ans.
Une des choses les plus alambiquées pour moi en apprenant le Français est la pronontiation de quelques mots.
Pour la practiser je n'ai eu besoin que des chansons, des petits textes et du Wiktionnaire.
==I'm a musician==
===[[Itallahtolli|Italiano]] (34%)===
In 1997 I received a Yamaha PSR-78 piano keyboard as a Christmas present. No one had asked me if I would like to have a piano; not even if I somehow wanted to play an instrument. Curiously, I did.<br>
Apprendo anche l'italiano, da dicembre 2010.
Unwilling to take lessons I started playing: day after day, month after month and year after year with no actual progress.<br>
Uno dei problemi che ho trovato (e anche molte altre persone probabilmente) è la somiglianza dell'italiano cole altre lingue latine, specialmente collo spagnolo e col portoghese.
In 2004, and about to lose hope, Keane's debut album ''[[Hopes and Fears]]'' came out. For me, it was a magical record. Voice, drums, and piano but no guitars. Their music made me aware of how awesome can a piano really sound.<br>
I listened to every single detail; first the melody, then every chord. I wasn't easy, but it sounded better and better every time.<br>
By 2005 I was actually playing. I just needed a little push. It had taken me nearly eight years to actually accomplish something, but I did, and I only wish I could thank them for that.
I'm no professional pianist. I can't even read sheet music. But I can play the music that makes me happy, and that's all I ever asked for.<br>
===[[Nahuatl|Nauatl]] (28%)===
My current piano is a 2006 Yamaha Clavinova CVP-303. And yes, I still have my old keyboard.
===My favourite bands (alphabetically)===
===Se Tlakatilisiluitetlautili===
===Tlajsotilistli nikintlajsoa===
*[[Arcade Fire]]
*[[Arctic Monkeys]]
*[[Austin TV]]
*[[Bloc Party]]
*[[Bread (band)|Bread]]
*[[Chicago (band)|Chicago]]
*[[Depeche Mode]]
*[[División Minúscula]]
*[[Explosions in the Sky]]
*First Aid Kit
*[[Franz Ferdinand (band)|Franz Ferdinand]]
*[[God Is an Astronaut]]
*[[Hammock (band)|Hammock]]
*[[Hello Seahorse!]]
*[[Hombres G]]
*[[Indochine (band)|Indochine]]
*[[Jesse & Joy]]
*[[Juli (band)|Juli]]
*[[Keane (band)|Keane]]
*[[Kyo (band)|Kyo]]
*[[La Oreja de Van Gogh]]
*[[Led Zeppelin]]
*[[Lost (band)|Lost]]
*[[Madsen (band)|Madsen]]
*[[Maroon 5]]
*[[Muse (band)|Muse]]
*[[Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark]]
*[[Panda (band)|Panda]]
*[[Porter (band)|Porter]]
*[[Queen (band)|Queen]]
*[[Sigur Rós]]
*[[Snow Patrol]]
*[[Soda Stereo]]
*[[The Alan Parsons Project]]
*[[The Beatles]]
*[[The Doors]]
*[[The Killers]]
*[[Tomte (band)|Tomte]]
*[[Travis (band)|Travis]]
*[[Virginia Jetzt!]]
==I'm an enthusiast==
===My 1:18 die-cast collection===
*[[Renault 4CV|1947 Renault 4CV]]
*[[Isetta|1955 BMW 250 Isetta]]
*[[Jaguar E-Type|1961 Jaguar E-Type]]
*[[Volkswagen Beetle|1968 Volkswagen Käfer]]
*[[Lamborghini Miura|1968 Lamborghini Miura SV]]
*[[DeLorean DMC-12|1981 DeLorean DMC-12]]
*[[Dodge Viper|1992 Dodge Viper R/T]]
*[[BMW 3 Series (E36)|1993 BMW 325i Convertible (E36)]]
*[[Ford GT90|1995 Ford GT-90 Concept]]
*[[Ferrari 550|1996 Ferrari 550 Maranello]]
*[[Renault Mégane|1996 Renault Mégane Coupé V6]]
*[[Smart Fortwo|1997 Smart City-Coupé]]
*[[Porsche 911 GT1|1998 #6 Porsche 911 GT1]]
*[[Porsche 997|1998 Porsche 997 Carrera]]
*[[Ferrari 360|1999 Ferrari 360 Módena]]
*[[Pagani Zonda|2001 Pagani Zonda C12S]]
*[[Mercedes-Benz R230|2001 Mercedes-Benz SL500 R230]]
*[[MINI|2001 Mini Cooper S]]
*[[Lamborghini Murciélago|2002 Lamborghini Murciélago]]
*[[Volkswagen Microbus|2002 Volkswagen Microbus Concept]]
*[[Volkswagen Phaeton|2002 Volkswagen Phaeton]]
*[[Peugeot 206|2002 Peugeot 206CC]]
*[[Peugeot 406|2002 Peugeot 406 Coupé]]
*[[Dodge Viper|2003 Dodge Viper SRT-10]]
*[[Saleen S7|2003 Saleen S7]]
*[[Ferrari Enzo Ferrari|2003 Enzo Ferrari]]
*[[Smart Roadster|2003 Smart Roadster]]
*[[Ford GT|2004 Ford GT Concept]]
*[[Bugatti Veyron|2004 Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron Concept]]
*[[Maserati MC12|2004 Maserati MC12]]
*[[Volkswagen Golf Mk5|2004 Volkswagen Golf V]]
*[[Acura NSX|2005 Acura NSX]]
*[[Audi A4|2005 Audi A4 Convertible]]
*[[Renault R25|2005 #7 Renault R25]]
*[[Ferrari F430|2005 Ferrari F430]]
*[[Chevrolet Corvette C6|2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Convertible]]
*[[Renault Mégane Renault Sport|2005 Mégane Renault Sport]]
==and I'm an writer==
Whenever I think about writing I spend most of the time repeating inside my mind how will every single word sound when attached to the rest. Countless golden hours have passed me by while trying to indite one simple line, just before realising that I have forgotten what I was to write about.<br>
port-royal - Bahnof Zoo - 7.9 (-S)
Somehow, in the end, it is always something neat.
These Monsters - Dust and Ivy - 8.1 (-H)
Exxasens - Sky in Red - 8.3 (+L)
Tristeza - Opiate Slopes - 8.2 (+S)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 09-15-00 - 7.2 (-L)
Cloud Archive - Bring Lions - 8.6 (-L)
Do Make say Think - Classic Noodlanding - 8.9 (+L)
Sigur Rós - Staralfur - 8.9 (+S)
The Six Parts Seven - Confusing Possibilities - 8.9 (+S)
Lymbye Systym - Processed Spirits - 8.0 (+L)
Sweek - Thanx for Sundays - 8.2 (+L)
Saxon Shore - How We Conquered the Western World on Horseback - 8.6 (-S)
Balmorhea - Settler - 9.3 (+S)
Moving Mountains - Ode We Will Bury Ourselves - 8.5 (-H)
Joy Wants Eternity - Uriel - 7.8 (-L)
''Death is nothing but a life's eclipse.''
===My favorite books (by author)===
*[[Ray Bradbury]] - ''[[Fahrenheit 451]]''
*[[Gonzalo Celorio]] - ''[[Y Retiemble en Sus Centros la Tierra]]''
*[[Ángeles Mastretta]] - ''[[Mal de Amores]]''
*[[J.K. Rowling]] - ''[[Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince]]''
*[[Carlos Ruiz Zafón]] - ''[[The Shadow of the Wind|La Sombra del Viento]]''
*[[J.D. Salinger]] - ''[[The Catcher in the Rye]]''
*[[José Saramago]] - ''[[Death with Interruptions|As Intermitências da Morte]]''
*[[Enrique Serna]] - ''[[Ángeles del Abismo]]''
*[[Antonio Alatorre]] - ''[[Los 1001 Años de la Lengua Española]]''
*[[Brian Greene]] - ''[[The Elegant Universe]]''
==Mis artículos==
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Mochi: 3089
<div style="margin: 1px auto; padding: 5px; background-color: transparent; border: 0px solid #888; {{User:Fluence/Shadow|1px|1px|6px|#444}} width: 220px;">[[File:Polarlicht_2.jpg|220px]] We've come too far...</div>
Hola Fluence (good nick), podrias enviarme informacion sobre esa comunidad de Milpa Alta donde se habla el Nahuatl Clasico?? mi email: carsblue@gmail.com, gracias por esto y gracias por el esfuerzo que haces para retornar a nuestras tradiciones !!
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<div style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif; text-align: left;">
<div style="padding-left: 1.5em;">
==Tlaçohcamati Fluence==
Y me sorprende recordar que un corazón de esmeralda es un corazón libre.
| style="width: 22em; {{User:Fluence/Gradient|#DFEDFD|#ffffee|vertical}} border: 1px solid #aa8; {{User:Fluence/Shadow|1px|1px|6px|#554}} vertical-align: top;" |
Siendo que las esmeraldas no son verdes.
( xoxouhqui in tetl ).
| style="width: 22em; {{User:Fluence/Gradient|#DFEDFD|#ffffee|vertical}} border: 1px solid #aa8; {{User:Fluence/Shadow|1px|1px|6px|#554}} vertical-align: top;" |
| style="{{User:Fluence/Gradient|#ECC7FC|#ffffff|vertical}} border: 1px solid #a8a; {{User:Fluence/Shadow|1px|1px|6px|#545}}" colspan="2" |
== ¡Tlazohcamati, Fluence! ==
<div style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif; text-align: justify;">
Agradezco mucho las indicaciones para poder empezar a ejercitar el uso y la edición de imágenes. Me siento más ágil en mis aportaciones a la Huiquipedia.
Por cierto, ojalá puedas también darme algunos tips para manejar tablas, me sería también muy útil, pues hasta ahora lo único que hago es "copiar" y "pegar" cambiando el contenido de las tablas para adecuarlas a la página que deseo editar.
Feel free to contact me anytime!
*[http://www.facebook.com/fluence51 Facebook]
*[http://www.youtube.com/user/fluence51 YouTube]
*[mailto:s_flnce51@hotmail.com s_flnce51@hotmail.com]
Hasta la próxima! --[[Usuario:Kuxlejal|Kuxlejal]] 21:45 11 Īhuāncē 2007 (UTC)
*[[:Categoría:Inglatēcatl cuīcayōtl|Inglatēcatl cuīcayōtl]] (neh [[Keane]] īhuān [[Muse]] tlalnetoqui cah)
*[[Tepozmalacatl]] (neh [[Renault]] tlalnetoqui cah)
*[[Mēxihco Cemānāhuacāyōtl]]
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<div style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif; text-align: center;">
{{User:Fluence/cquote|All this feels strange and untrue, and I won't waste a minute without you.}}
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