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:::I still can't totally understand what the problem with the spelling '''tl''' is. Of course it doesn't show a "real pronounciation" but the same happens with the spelling in most of the known languages: only one example(between several probable hundreds); does "ch" sound in Italian, English, Spanish or French like the addition of the typical sound of "c+h" in those languages? No. If I want to learn Welsh and I come across the spelling "ll", I may think that it is pronounced like an "l", like an Spanish "ll", etc. but unless I hear to people pronouncing it (on tapes or otherwise) or I can understand the phonetical guiding from my learning source I shouldn't assume any pronounciation guided by the mere look of it. The same should happen to anyone trying to learn Nahuatl: one should be aware that spelling is just a convention. Trying to change such a <u>stable, easy and traditional</u> option as '''tl''' on the phonetic grounds that it is misleading seems to me a little too much. Should we complain about the misleading (for us) spelling of some Inupiaq sounds? What about the misleading English spelling '''gh''' or '''oo'''. Is misleading that in Polish '''rz''' and '''ż''' are pronounced the same way? Historical reasosns are important. The spelling '''tl'''happens to be one of the only spellings that seems to have been kept in most of the classical and current written Nahuatl texts (except in many linguistic studies were several phonetic scripts are used) virtually untouched. -[[User:Piolinfax|[[User:Piolinfax|Tochpapalotl]] ([[User talk:Piolinfax|Piolinfax]])]] 19:59, 8 Nov 2004 (UTC)
> Anyway who decided it?
> Anyway who decided it? That's a good question, I can't see where amd by who the 'nawatl' spelling was officially decided. --Mixcoatl 21:59, 8 Nov 2004 (UTC)