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| Name = Nothing In My Way
| Cover =
<div align="center"><font size="3">"'''Nothing In My Way'''"</font><br>
| Artist = [[Keane]]
<div align="center">'''[[Keane]] [[cuīcatl]] '''<br>
| from Album = [[Under The Iron Sea]]
<div align="center">[[Image:Nothinginmyway.jpg|center|280px]]</div>
| Released = [[Octobri 30]], [[2006]]
<div align="center">'''huēytonameyocaquizcopinalonin: ''[[Under the Iron Sea]]'''''
| Format = [[CD single|CD]], [[Gramophone record|7"]], [[12-inch single|12"]]
<div align="left">'''Xacaloa''' <div align="right">[[Tlamahtlācti 4]], [[2004]]
| Recorded = Sound City, [[Van Nuys]]<br />May&ndash;June, 1991
<div align="left">'''Yuhcayotl''' <div align="right">CD Single<br>7"<br>512MB USB
| Genre = [[Grunge music|Grunge]]
<div align="left">'''Grabado''' <div align="right">Helioscentric Studios
| Length = 5:01
<div align="left">'''Cenentlamantli''' <div align="right">[[Pianotli rock]]
| Label = [[Geffen Records|DGC]]<br /><small>DGCCS7 ([[United States|U.S.]], 7")<br />DGCS (U.S., 12")<br />DGCDS-21673 (U.S., CD)<br />DGC ([[United Kingdom|UK]], 7")<br />DGCT5 (UK, 12")<br />DGCTP5 (UK, 12", picture disc)<br />DGCCD5 (UK, CD)
<div align="left">'''Chachaltiliztli''' <div align="right">4:00
| Producer = [[Butch Vig]]
<div align="left">'''Discográfica''' <div align="right">[[Island Records|Island]]
| Chart position =
<div align="left">'''Cuīcapixqui''' <div align="right">[[Tim Rice-Oxley]]<br>[[Tom Chaplin]]<br>[[Richard Hughes]]
* #6 <small>(U.S. [[Billboard Hot 100]])</small>
<div align="left">'''Tlactlini''' <div align="right">Andy Green
| Last single = "[[Here She Comes Now/Venus in Furs]]"<br />(1991)
| This single = "'''Smells Like Teen Spirit'''"<br />(1991)
| Next single = "[[Come As You Are]]"<br />(1992)
<div align="center">'''Keane tlacuilollicuīcatl'''<br>
<div align="center">'''Achtopancuīcatl''' | '''Ocachihuallicuīcatl'''<br>
<small>"'''[[Crystal Ball]]'''" | "'''[[A Bad Dream]]'''"<br>
<div align="center">'''Yeyantli'''<br>
<div align="left">#19
"'''Nothing In My Way'''" ([[Nāhuatlahtōlli]]: "Amotlein īpan nohtli)") inic nahui [[cuīcatl]] ipan ''[[Under the Iron Sea]]'', inic ōme tonameyocaquizcopinaloni ihuic [[Anglitlalpān|angliatl]] [[tlacuīcaliztli]] [[Keane]] in [[tlamatlacti 30]] [[2006]] xihuitl. Inin inic cē cuīcani namacac ipan cē [[USB Memory Stick]].
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